About Dave Howell

It started with one of these…

One of these…

And a pile of these…

A long time ago when I was a young lad my dad came home from work with a record player and a pile of 7” singles. He put them down in front of my sister and I and said… “these are for you…” and that was the start of it all.

I loved the old record player and the way the you could pile records up, flip the arm across and let them play one after the other. I also loved all the old 60’s tunes my dad had managed to acquire along with the record player. We had The Beatles, The Stones (I’ve always been a Stones man, The Beatles are far too over-rated in my opinion), The Who, The Beach Boys, and so on…

We also had an old transistor radio that hung on the kitchen wall and was always on. The BBC created Radio 1 in 1967 and that’s what we all listened to. Radio Luxemburg was also still transmitting and although the signal was not very strong we tried our best to tune in whenever we could.

Having a sister was a stroke of luck too. The older boys in the street I grew up in all seemed to be into music. They’d come over to see my sister and usually bring some of their records with them. Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, it was the 70’s after all, but my favourites were Roxy Music and David Bowie. I didn’t realise at the time how lucky I was but all this was very influential for a young boy not yet in double figures.

Later on my sister got a serious boyfriend which was another stroke of luck. He was keen on Northern Soul, he was also in the Navy. And so when he went off to sea he left all his records with my sister. Holy moly this was gold! I spent hours listening to all the northern, soul, and jazz he left behind and thus my love of dance music was born.

Disco happened in the mid 70’s, this grew into jazz funk, Brit funk, jazz fusion, and all other mixtures and blends of things you could dance to. And that’s what we did as kids growing up in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

I moved to London as soon as I could having decided I wanted a career in the music business. I landed a job selling advertising space for a music magazine. Jobs with record companies followed and I had a great time for over 10 years until I realised the business of music wasn’t very rewarding, at least for me.

A change of career occurred, time studying led to other things but the love of music never died. That love of music hit a fantastic high point with the arrival of acid house and the rave scene that followed. This combined all the brilliant things about music and clubs and my passion for electronic music was formed.

As I’ve got older my enjoyment of the harder elements of electronic music has diminished a little but my appreciation of the quieter, more thoughtful and reflective side of things has grown enormously.

This has developed into a hugely enjoyable interest in radio that allows me to combine all of the things I’ve loved about music over the years.

Music for Beaches is a reflection of all of my influences and the music I’ve enjoyed. The tracks I choose for the show draw on that history. And the mood and atmosphere I try to impart is a combination of all the great times I’ve had listening, dancing, or just being around music in all its forms and gatherings.

It’s a pleasure to share some of my passion for music with whoever tunes in. My hope is that there’s a young girl or boy listening somewhere and that they hear something that connects with them in the way music connected with me when I was their age. If I achieve that it will have all been worth worthwhile.